Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yow! Is August almost over????

I am back from Korea, and Chicago, and my first back to school meeting. What a reality check!

First, Korea. Amazing, interesting, wonderous and another set of thousands of pictures that need sorting. These are on their way. I even found the yarn shop, accidentally, and made a small purchase. Details to follow, soon.

Next, literally a day and a half after my return to the States, I was off to Schaumburg to the Stitches Midwest convention with my pals. A bit jet-lagged, but still up for fiber, I thankfully signed up for only one class on Sunday, leaving me a bit of free time to shop, eat and lounge in the mineral pool and spa. Tough life, huh?

I returned home to find that, yes, indeed, I was PRESENTING a speech about my Turkish adventure to the entire Cranbrook faculty...on TUESDAY MORNING! I had an inkling about this, but it subsided when I got the email that asked for a statement about the trip and some pics. This said to me, "we will be sharing your trip" rather than, "YOU will be sharing your trip!"
So, another day without blogging, since I was speech writing and nerving out about the prospect. Did I tell you that I am a visual artist.....not a performing artist? Big difference.

Well, I did it. I presented the trip this morning with a prepared speech and some added comments to accompany a few pictures. It went well, very well. Whew! Another hurdle without broken legs.

So, right now I am letting a bit of travel dust settle and hoping to remove the accumulated household dust that has already taken hold in what used to be a living space and is now a storage facility. I miss my friends at the Beanery....Black Sheep, I will see you soon! Everyone else, I am glad to be back and glad that you haven't forgotten me!