Friday, October 9, 2009

Never too late to learn!

Maybe this is why I am a teacher. I love to learn! Ever since I saw the class listings for "Boot Camps" for weaving, spinning and knitting at Heritage Spinning and Weaving, I have been intrigued. I read constantly and love to try new techniques. But somehow, I find myself reading and learning during projects when it would have been better to get the exposure in practice first. It is like having friends over for a new recipe...sometimes it is a great outcome, sometimes an apology.

When I saw the Bridget at "...have you any wool?" was offering the Knitting Boot Camp, I was delighted! Here is a chance to take the skills, one at a time, and become familiar before using them on a garment!

Sure, there will be reading and homework (that I cannot wear) but I will be with other like-minded knitters, learning together and from each other. is held monthly at the knit shop. I can't help but "look!"