Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shop Hopping around Lansing

Yesterday was the long awaited Back to School Shop Hop. I was not going to go. I did not need to go, should not buy yarn, just got back to school, need rest, house is a mess, company is coming next weekend....get the picture?

I went.

I could not help it. I knit with the Black Sheep on Tuesday nights at Panera and heard the buzz. I pushed it aside for a good long time, but it kept buzzing. Then, the passports, talk of goodie bags and the plans for lunch at Threadbear. I could not take it another minute. I got the passport, ordered my lunch and spent the next couple of weeks anxiously awaiting the outing.

It did not disappoint. Each of 4 shops had sales and pattern gifts for us. Each store was mobbed with happy fiber addicts, arms filled with fluffy and colorful beginnings of projects that were no doubt started that night if not on the way home!

I do not regret going, and it was not a sign of weakness to buckle and change my original plan of bowing out. I figure this; if you are lucky enough to have a great group of friends and have the opportunity to spend a day laughing and sharing and shopping with them, why not. Life is too short to miss out on happy moments like these. I am still smiling!