Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Bags are Packed...I'm ready to go

I know, the song is one that dates me, but the line always comes to mind before a trip. I am just about done with the dreaded packing. Of course, the weather is starting to warm up, even in Prague, so the shawl that I made to take is not going to be my most practical object, especially on the plane; a little too lacey. Oh well.

My cat is preparing for my departure by sleeping in the suitcase with the clothes. (The black all purpose clothes that show her little white hairs). I got a black and white cat, deciding that it would be half the contrasting fur on dark or light clothing, rather that all of one color contaminating the wardrobe. Not that the spinning fibers don’t already get the rest appropriately fuzzy. It did not work.

I am hoping to send out a message while traveling, but in case I don’t, check in…it’s only a couple of weeks.

Bellatrix is being worked on 2 size 0 Addi-turbos. I know that airlines are allowing needles, but these are long, thin and dangerous looking. They are also expensive, so the risk of having them taken is not worth it. I have a pair of green socks cast on (perfect, since I have given up casting on with the Black Sheep and hate to go back on the deal) and they can be done without a pattern. Not very exciting, but they will keep my hands happy. Once in Prague the 40 days of “no new cast-ons” will be over and I can buy yarn locally and see what happens!

Bon voyage for now!

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