Thursday, October 14, 2010

Showing and sharing

Our guild meeting this month featured me for a moment of trunk show fame. I have been thinking about the event for a while and had trouble deciding what is the appropriate number of items and what are the most meaningful items to share. I could have backed up a truck and unloaded bundles of hand dyed yarns, hand spun yarns, sweaters, pillows, socks, scarves (oh the scarves!) baby clothes, afghans, more sweaters, wraps, bags, felted stuff, woven stuff, you name it. But I decided that a sampler that says who I am in a couple of simple totes would work.

So, if you were at the meeting, I hope you appreciated the attempt at brevity and the edited sampler. Now you know what I like, I hope that you will keep me in mind when you see wonderful things on sale and would like to alert me!

We had a great little environmental workshop as well. I made a great little felt covered bar of soap (more are likely on their way) and am bringing home all kinds of colorful plastic bags from a collection at school that will be wonderful totes. (Like I need another bag of any sort!) But hey, the landfill has me beat!

I met a couple of new friends and saw some that I have been missing over the summer and generally the night just flew by. What a great bunch the fiber gals is always a pleasure to show and share with this great group of friends!

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