Friday, September 12, 2008

Blues subsiding, bring me COLOR!

After hiking up hundreds of marble steps, the reward is the beautiful,
peaceful and enormous sculpture of Buddha.

It has been a week since the sad news about Grandpa. He would want me to get my pace back, so I am working on gaining energy!

Cleaning at his house has inspired some nest neatening around here, so I got some clear lidded containers from Costco and am diving in. One of the benefits of arranging fiber stash is that it is like shopping for it all over again :-)! Each new pile or bag presents a surprise or inspiration from a book or magazine. Happy Birthday to me! even though that special day was in June, I have opened more warm and fuzzy gifts to myself than I am comfortable talking about in any detail.

To add to my collection and cleaning frenzy, I attended the first Black Sheep Knitting Guild meeting for the year, brought a raffle prize and, can you believe, WON ONE! I love new projects and seeing all of my friends. Even though I was whipped from the day and a bit down, it was a good environment. Along with my new Panda Cotton Dotty Circus yarn were the bamboo needles to knit some socks and the More Sensational Socks book that I happen not to have owned! (This is a miracle, I buy every new book that I can justify using in some way shape or form).

I have been working on the Jane wrap around sweater, but followed the first set of instructions prior to their being rewritten, and am at a crossroads. It is about 2/3 done and waiting for the finish....only my directions only gave 2 sizes and the new ones give 3, I fall right in the middle if I don't want it to be TOO sexy! This is one of those times that I give myself permission to move on to a new project just because I am in need of new beginnings. The Jane will work its way into my subconscious and hopefully be done in the next month or so. It is a great color and was a swap with another Black Sheep that I am really wanting to wear.

This cotton was dyed using clay up in the mountains of South Korea.

Pictures of trips and such are forthcoming, I just got an external drive to house the thousands of pictures that I have been taking, 8000 of which were just in the past couple of months. So much to see so little time to organize. Keep an eye out!


Anonymous said...

We were so glad to see you! I hope we get to visit together tomorrow. It was so crazy last week I didn't even get to give you the bug hug I meant to!

Kim W

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was suppose to be "big" hug not "bug" huh. LOL