Monday, September 22, 2008

Picking up Speed!

We spent the weekend at the cottage. This is always (let's make that USUALLY) a good place to relax and knit, spin or dye in harmony with the lake and the woods, Ahhhhh. I put the usually in there since the last time that we went, we re-decked both the front and back raised decks. No, we did not hire someone, WE did three twelve hours days of hard labor, looking at the beautiful blue lake and the sunny sky, but never touching the water. Ouch, we sure deserved to return for the fun of it.

As it turned out, I got a cold, maybe I am feeling a little run down. It was cool and damp with wild waves all Saturday, so, no kayaking. But I did work on a little bit of the pounds and pounds of fiber that I brought in case I had some crazy knitting nirvana and used it all. I did not use it all, but I knit some fingerless gloves and a hat to match with yarn from my stash. I also knit a scarf that a friend has been bugging me about and worked toward the completion of the silk shawl that I started last week. This was from a pattern that I bought at Stitches Midwest and am using silk Noro that I got and stashed. It was a natural silk tan, but I dyed it last year and wanted to see how it would turn out. So far, so good. Pictures are on their way.

No pictures this time, since I have the unbearable job of editing and re-saving all of my hundreds of thousands of photos onto my new external drive. I am in a sorting and cleaning mode and elimination of excess is my therapy. Don't ask.

Never-the-less, pictures are coming, more work is being done, I bought my first Christmas present, yes Christmas and it is not even October. The fall bug has bit. Maybe it will send me in the direction of the wall of fiber that has now become the hall of fiber, floor of fiber, counters of fiber and closets of fiber. This will take a while.

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