Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yeah for new Tools!

My sweet husband got me a large blocking board for Christmas this year. I could hardly wait to make a sweater to get the chance to use it! No more pinning to towels, the bed, styro boards, etc.... and hoping that the measurements stayed put.

The sweater is in the final moments of sleeves, sewing and collar. The pattern is the Button Cardi in KnitSimple Fall 2008 and only caught my eye when I saw one knit up. This is a real plus with our local yarn shops, seeing and feeling yarn and projects is much different than dreaming about them online! I was worried about the vent in the back being too short, but looked at a sample sweater at The Knitting Room in Birmingham and it is a match. I even did the finishing edge on the back to sample the finished size and look, then ripped it to finish the fronts.

I am really excited to be using this yarn, since I dyed it a couple of years ago at Heritage Spinning and Weaving during a dye play day. The yarn is Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb natural grey. The grey was NOT a good color for me to wear, but a great base to subdue color in dyeing. Each skein was wound end to end for a continuous large skein on her giant skein winder. This helped to prevent pooling of color for a larger garment like a sweater. So far, so good, not a pool in sight and the color is lovely. Now to head out for some great buttons!

What a great Valentine's Day project... one red sweater, almost complete!

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