Monday, February 23, 2009

I must be crazy

Do you have those moments of trying to be practical, trying to be reasonable, and making what you think is the most logical and responsible decision. Do you, after trying this, and achieving success, find yourself longing to have made a different choice?

I do and I have. I am really good about the BIG stuff, marriage, kids, school, work, ethics. But fiber puts a real wrench in the works. Not just fiber, but the necessary accouterments that go along with the fiber!

Here is what happened. It was a lovely Saturday morning. The weather station was predicting some pretty bad snow...maybe. Our guild had planned a field trip to visit the Spinner's Flock fiber sale in Chelsea. So, maybe I was not thinking totally reasonably or logically, but regardless of the guild not sponsoring the trip due to weather, I found the other die-hards and joined them for the trip. Going out was fine. Then it started snowing and blowing. But we were inside with the warm fuzzies and trying to be reasonable with our purchases.

We left with our bags of fiber loot and stopped for some lunch. It was snowing a bit more, but did not seem TOO bad. We ate near the Knit-Around in Ann Arbor, and stopped for yet more temptation. I was pretty good. I bought a couple things and stopped. Then I got interested in a couple more things and stopped again. All the while, I was thinking about a knitting bag (yeah, I need another one :-)) that they had. My reasoning senses won and I left the store without it. Even having that one last twinge in the car did not send me back. That night, I barely slept. I thought about the bag and the projects that would fit in it. I thought about making one, I thought about why I did not get it and how proud I was with my decision. Then I thought about the possibility of someone returning to the area and maybe picking it up. My last thought, after pleading on Ravelry for a carrier, was to contact the store. As I write this, I am hoping for a response that will allow me to have it sent out. This IS crazy. I have bags, many. I have cloth to make bags, much. But I really loved THAT bag. Wish me luck, I will let you know what happens!

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Anonymous said...

Linda, I know exactly what you mean!!! I was at Salvation Army today and am still thinking about the black merino wool vintage shell that I left there. I'm thinking I can go back for it next week, but then I'll be at a fiber retreat - I did manage to score a velvet dress (for the fabric, of course) for .50 and a couple of other things for my "spring wardrobe". take care - m.e.