Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long time, No.....?

I managed to neglect my blog since the holidays. That is a record! Somehow I have even managed to neglect reading my friends' blogs as well.

The excuse is simple. Just like everyone else, I have been busy.

Busy knitting, of course,
but also keeping up a steady exercise routine,
working like crazy,
attending my guild meetings,
going to knitting boot camp and doing (most of) the homework.

Check out my Ravelry page, new pictures that prove that I exist!

I have dyed yarn,
wound and labeled it for the Yarn Harlot's presentation at Detroit Public Library 3/13/10

I attended the Spinner's Flock fiber sale, even bought some hand-dyed and already spun alpaca and yummy roving that looks like a peppermint twirl!

I got out the spinning wheel and spun some of my stash,
spent hours and hours trying to sort and clean one of my fiber rooms (yes, only one of the rooms).

I am listing a cottage for sale and purchased a cabin in the mountains and even a little spare land next door.

My husband fell 9 feet off a ladder onto a wood floor and is fine (was sore and pretty worried).

Now for the taxes, and hopefully, another post before everyone forgets me!


Suzanne said...

'Bout time you posted something!

Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

How could anyone forget you!

harriet said...

Yup, I know you've been busy, but still like to see what you write here. Keep it up - when you can.