Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knitting among friends

I used to be a solitary knitter. Not totally alone, I had my husband or cat in the room. I did not really feel a need to knit in public or with other knitters. What would be the purpose? I took workshops with designers to learn tips and get the inside scoop on their knitting. Did that count?

In the past couple of years, I have made friends with other knitters. We talk knitting, shop knitting, share patterns and ideas. We encourage, discourage (when appropriate) and generally keep the knitting fire going. I look forward to knitting with my friends. It is not always my most productive knitting time. Usually socks or the never ending ribbing comes with me to these social events. It needs to be done anyway. But what I overhear, share or learn makes my knitting life more full.

When bringing new knitting friends into the fold, I realize something else. We speak a language that is generally understood or helps increase understanding among us! How wonderful to have read an article or tried a technique and hear others chatting about it, or even demonstrating!

If you are a lone knitter, and like it like that, fine. But if you find your eyes and mind wondering when you overhear a knitting conversation or see magazines or books on a knitter's cafe table at the book shop, make the connection. You will grow and you may help someone else grow. Who knows...that knitter may be your new best friend!

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