Friday, February 22, 2008


It is not that I am a great procrastinator...I just like to mull the multitudes of options prior to actually committing to an idea. It is not like everything is permanent and that changes cannot be made, but I like to feel good about the way things begin. And so this first post had been "post-poned" until today.

The first struggle, naming the thing. That seems so important. Putting a label to what has become a daily focus. The theme that ties my interests and actions. The tie that binds, so they say. Fiber.

What fiber has been in today's diet? It started out the usual way, checking Ravelry! It is like reading the newspaper, only all of the news interests me! It ended with a bit of knitting on the second Earl Grey (ala Stephanie McPhee) sock for my husband (also my February Sock-down project) Then, of course, a wee bit of spinning.

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