Friday, February 29, 2008

Tuesdays with Black Sheep

It is not a rule that knitting guilds shall be made up of women. It so happens that many women knit, and talk and like to do the two simultaneously. They often make up the bulk of local knitting guilds, but do not seek to exclude fiber loving men. I found a guild last year that interested me. It was in its fledgling state and I had a hard time getting the facts together enough to really check them out. I was not looking for a bunch of women who knit, but a group of fiber frenzied people with common interests.
So, as fate would have it, I found them (or they found me?) and I am now happily a member of the Black Sheep Knitting Guild. Within the first couple of meetings I knew that I was a good fit for the energy, interests and manic obsession that matches my own. I find them on Ravelry and get emails that encourage more opportunities to grow in my art and increase my stash. They share ideas and opinions. Within this guild I have found a great variety of friends and inspiration. It is no surprise that our guild continues to grow and with it, our skills and piles of finished objects, lovingly known as FO's.

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