Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here they are: the Mexican Monkey Socks! I decided to bring this yarn since it felt like Mexico and I love knitting this pattern. Thanks CookieA! I preordered her sock book, so that treat should be in my mailbox any minute now.

The little (or not so little, it holds a whole sweater and a couple balls of yarn) black bag that I was able to snag after losing my self control. No regrets this time...I got it.

Imaginary Alpaca Farm was my first stop at the Black Swamp Spinners sale. She had not even priced this beauty yet and had two skeins of 305+ yards available. MINE MINE MINE!

My Briar Rose 4th of July yarn for the Retro Cardi that I have been dreaming of for 2 YEARS!

February Ladies Sweater in the handspun and handdyed yarn from the Chelsea Spinner's Flock Fiber show and sale last month...almost done. Still praying that I have enough yarn to make it longer than a cropped sweater since I cut it pretty close. We will see....soon.

One of the most lovely sock yarns of recent purchase (yesterday's jaunt to Ohio for the Black Swamp Spinners sale). I needed to guard this one, others had their eyes and even their hands on it, the nerve!

More River's Edge sock yarn. I happened to choose her two most recent colors for this year. This one is more grey than Good and Plenty candy and some matches my hot pink Converse tennis shoes!

Bernal is a wool specialty area in central Mexico. These little slippers are alpaca and handknit from the town, a nice addition to my collection of knitting around the world! Plus, an easy pattern to make if I want more!

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