Saturday, April 12, 2008

As easy as Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta!

In case you weren't there, or couldn't tell by the title of this entry, I was at the Ann Arbor District Library with about 300 other knitting fanatics to hear the wise and wonderful words of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka "The Yarn Harlot." If you were not, the reference is to the brain wave activity part of her talk that reasurred us that we are intelligent and increasing the power of our brains in the most delightful way!

What a wonderful feeling it was to be surrounded by knitters who felt that it was important enough to take the day off or sneak out of work early. Everyone wanted to be sure and get a seat in the "live room" audience or admittance to the very crowded upper level! We knit, talked, and took turns running out for important reasons like food, potty breaks and the used book sale (that surely must contain some hidden knitting gems that the other couple hundred knitters missed. I, however, did not find it.)

I called home to let my husband know that I had arrived safely and he laughed as he asked, "and she doesn't come until 7pm and you are waiting there at 3:30? ....and there are others there?....and they have been there even longer?.....and who is she? Ok, have fun, don't forget to eat, I guess I won't see you until late....yarn store is open until when?....midnight? I guess I won't see you for a while!"

He tries, and he understands a huge bit of this, but he does not quiet completely get it.

That is why we were there. Waiting, talking, knitting and not feeling stressed. We were at peace with the wait and anticipation of the voice that makes us laugh at ourselves and feel in touch and understood by others. The voice that reassures us that we are truly an unlikely community of people as Stephanie would tell us, might never otherwise have met, or even thought of associated with one another. We get it.

I knit on my simple "emergency" sock as I waited in line for the precious signing of my newest addition to the Harlot library. It is the same stupid sock that I have been finishing for the past two months, but it is always there for me when I have a spare moment that shan't be wasted. The yarn snarls and wraps on itself, the pattern is the standard, plain, meditative (was that the "Theta" brain waves?, or "Alpha" or "Beta", I have got to get them straight!) but beautifully dyed color transitions are getting me through.

Happily, I left the signing with the first sock completed, kitchenered and all, and the next into the cuff. It was a good thing, since I bought a bit of yarn at Busy Hands (for myself) and the socks are for my husband.

My welcome home and somewhat interested questions about the evening returned the focus on this patient partner who shares my heart with yarn and a bunch of crazy knitting friends. We tried the single sock on for fit and relaxed a bit. Then, I picked up my knitting and settled in with my first and second loves, (not to mention, of course, the cat.)


Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

The YARN HAROLET! I am so jealousy, was she as smart and funny as I think she is? I know you don't have to answer that because she is more smart and funny. As to your partner what a gem.

LindaLuFiber said...

The Harlot was wonderful, insightful and, of course, funny. As to my are not kidding!