Sunday, April 27, 2008

Return from OZ (the abridged version)

Have you ever had an experience that was so vivid, so colorful, that it was almost like a dream? Do you dream in color? This weekend was a dream in color, like when Dorothy awoke in OZ and the black and white became Technicolor. I was in fiber heaven with 19 of my best fiber buddies for the entire weekend. Moments ago, I returned. So here is the abridged version of the happenings, details and reflections to follow.

Friday, an 80 minute drive with fellow Blacksheep and Raveler, Harriet, and no getting lost ended at our destination: The Hankerd Inn. We had a room in the barn, so what did I expect? Not this! We had a great room with a high ceiling for gathering around the fireplace. It was attached to a large kitchen for easy snacking and uniquely decorated bedrooms that were quite lovely! Downstairs was the workroom with great lighting and tables anticipating our Saturday dyeing workshop with Rita Petteys (Yarn Hollow hand dyed yarns).
All meals were taken care of, so all that we had to do was get inspired, knit, spin, talk, LAUGH, and learn new things! We did all of the above.
Saturday's dyeing workshop had us measuring and painting yarn or roving to our own specifications with the expert guidance of Rita. There were NO bad results and Rita was most accommodating to our sometimes very specific needs. Plus, she brought oodles of her wonderful hand dyed yarns for our shopping pleasure. What a day, I dreamt all night of what I made, what I bought and what they would become.
A weekend like this is a real treasure and time well spent with other creative people with so many different ideas. With that many women, it is pretty likely that there may be a few moments of discontentment. Not this weekend, there were none. We spent our time together in peace and harmony, just like that Technicolor dream, and I am not kidding.
As for all that we packed, spinning wheels, knitting projects (at least 2) movies, books and food...well, we did use most of them. There was not much time for movies, but there was inspiration from knitting books, many show and tell moments and a great knit along that challenged us all. The excitement went on and on and continues to make me smile. The blogs to follow will surely recap the adventures in more detail after I get some sleep and return to the real world. (Thanks Black Sheep Knitting say "You Rock" is not enough.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about the weekend through your eyes. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops forgot to say it was me (Kim)

Harriet said...

Yes, we certainly had a GREAT time! I'm still smiling - and I'M AT WORK! I brought most of the goodies with me to work to show and tell and I'm having so much fun. All I want to do is stare at my hand-dyed yarn.

I'll be back to read your "non-abridged" version of this past weekend, to re-live all the fun.