Friday, April 18, 2008

SHOW and tell...more show

I finally shot some supplemental pics that would help to explain what I have been doing. So I will do a little show and tell for today.

Here are the handknit wool socks that I got in the market outside of Prague in Cesky Krumlov. They are bulky, but sentimental comfort to me.

This is the cover of a book that has been in my collection, and now, in the collection of sock knitting addicts the world over! I have a skein on order at Busy Hands. How could you not be inspired by the colors in his paintings? I love this next one...maybe a subject for my next dyeing project!


Here is the dreaded travel sock that is finally nearing completion. I am not usually very good about having a UFO and am forcing myself to finish this so that the other exciting yarn that keeps yelling at me can get onto some needles!

I think that I had a setting misconfigured for comments, so please let me know what you are thinking!

Now it should work. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday is going to be an exciting day for me. I met up with a Black Sheep member and Raveler who is going to try and make me like navajo plying. I have tried once or twice, and like the result but not the effort. Tuesday is going to be different. Thank you Evilneice...I have faith in you!

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I am hoping the comments will work now...this computer thing is not always going well! said...

Ok, I will try again...
Seems I just can't get this right!

Anyway, I am enjoying reading about our knitting fun through your eyes. And I really love the paintings in that book especially the one on the cover.