Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

It already feels like a fresh start! I have been relaxing in front of my spinning wheel, whirling away at some of that luscious fiber stash that has been patiently waiting. To my excitement and amazement, the navajo plying lesson that I got in the fall has actually stayed with me and I am practicing like crazy on what is now my second pound of fiber! What is even better, is that the yarn takes up much less space than my balls of roving, so it seems that there is less in that particular closet, I love the illusion.

I lucked out twice in scoring some anticipated books, Pluckyfluff, Handspun Revolution is now mine after seeking it out and having orders canceled on me when the stock ran out. I have Lexi's newer book, but really wanted to possess this original. Now I do. The new book score is "The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques" by Margaret Radcliffe. It is a beauty, great ideas, colorwork in many ways and with great reference and even some patterns. Happy New Year to me!

After peeking at the forums on Ravelry, I saw a recent post from a guild member regarding how many projects we knit this past year. Boy, I wish I kept better track since I knit like a fiend particularly for the holidays. Maybe after looking at the projects that I have posted and some of the things stashed or noted, I can get a rough estimate. It scares me a little to look at numbers. I fear counting stash, dollars spent, hours spent and actual objects, not to mention skeins spun or dyed!

Just before the end of the year I made:
1 afghan (for my newly married daughter)
3 pair mittens
2 pair fingerless gloves
4 handspun hats
2 lace and cable hats
12 scarves of various lengths and complexity by special request for the holidays
1 grasshopper scarf
2 cable shrug capelets
3 wraps
1 handpun scarf for my hubby
2 baby hats

November and earlier

6 Fletching scarves in various yarns and guages
1 Clapotis
1 Lopi Maria sweater
1 Noro short sweater
1 Monkey socks
5 pair misc. socks
1 Suess like sock yarn scarf
3 piece felted hat, scarf and mitts
1 felted bag
2 market bags
10+ sampler scarves misc patterns and yarns

That is 65 items. I am not looking anymore. I can't even think of it. I have sweaters and socks and mittens to knit, more scarves to try, more shawls and wraps and tons of roving itching to become yarn to become things to wear or share.

I will try to keep track this year and see what 2009 brings for a grand total!
I will also try to keep better pictures and postings to represent my activities.
Isn't it amazing that there is so much to knit? So many patterns and ideas to explore and plenty of fiber to keep our interest, year after year. What a great life!

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